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"Astrology is a reflection of the cycles you are carrying out in this life." - Maren Altman

I use a mixture of ancient and modern techniques alongside a background in philosophy and psychology

in my Natal Chart Consultations.


Maren is unquestionably devoted to the science and art of astrology, as demonstrated in her high-level technical acumen and the focus she brings to both study and practice. She brings clarity and precision to her use of timing techniques and natal analysis, and her readings are enhanced by her innate wisdom. - Diana Rose

The validity of astrological study and Maren's experience within it was made apparent during our reading of my birth chart. She was able to intuit several of the defining characteristics and experiences of my life, and gave intriguing insights about my future. Speak with Maren for clarifications of your past experiences and insights into your ongoing destiny.  - Adam Prezio, Singer-Songwriter at Adversary

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