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2021's horoscope has many important transits that we can expect as an energy update for our upcoming goals and plans.

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Meet Maren Altman

When, why, and how did you begin studying astrology?

As soon as I began reading as a young kid, my parents gave me newspapers thinking that I’d learn through looking at the cartoons. I was never really into them and turned to the words-only portion nearby: which were the horoscopes. That language was what I then continued to read as I grew up with the internet, which evolved as my interests turned to philosophy and history. 

What sets you apart from other astrologers?

I’m interested less in personal psychology or character analysis and more into historical trends and financial markets. Specifically, I love tracking and trading crypto, and I use astrology as an edge alongside normal technical analysis. 

How did you discover crypto and what are your favorite learning resources?

During my last semester at New York University in Spring 2020, I decided I should learn about investing. During the March 2020 crash, I tried to invest a bit into my retirement account and ended up putting everything I had accidentally into Tesla. The frustration at the inefficiency of the traditional finance system in this instance led me down a rabbit hole about the history of money and monetary theory. Coupled with a background in philosophy, I immediately understood the case for Bitcoin. My interest in crypto only continued to grow from there. I recommend The Bitcoin Standard by Safeidean Ammous as a great entry into Bitcoin.

What are some causes that matter to you and why?

Growing up alongside my grandmother who happened to be a Polish Holocaust survivor, I’ve naturally grown very skeptical of authority, the intentions of centralized power, and practices we consider commonplace. As a result, I began asking questions and learning about veganism at a very young age. I aim to minimize harm as much as practicably possible in the fairly utilitarian way I live my life, and the act of saving animal lives has always been extremely important to me. 

What is something most people don't know about you and would be surprised to learn?

I’ve always been obsessed with learning about wars throughout history. I’ve often said that even my career of mostly research, writing, and content creation is a battlefield. The Art of War heavily influenced my philosophy around leadership, and most of what I talk about, outside of astrology and crypto, involves war history or totalitarian leadership. Soviet Russia and North Korea continue to be main points of interest for me to learn about.

Photo of Maren Altman with a Vegan Anti Fur Sign
Photo of Holocaust Survivor Stefi Altman, Maren Altmans Grandmother

How did growing up with influential Holocaust Survivor Stefi Altman as your grandmother shape your views and life path?

Perhaps growing up around Stefi as my grandmother is part of the reason I continue to learn about huge structures of harmful centralized power around the world, but it also is why I keep a sense of humor in the darkest times. My grandmother never, ever discussed what she went through without throwing in jokes and irony. So amidst the gravity of what I often am reading about, I remember that if she could keep a smile on her face as she went through such horrors in real life, I am lucky to face whatever hardships I do as well.

Was there anything memorable she told you that you want to share with the rest of the world?

“I hope the world will remember what I cannot forget” was something she often said that continues to stick with me. I’m passionate about astrology and crypto in part because of their potential to empower the individual to have the knowledge and resources to make their own choices. Censorship or groupthink are issues that were always brought to my attention but are increasingly relevant to the areas I study in today’s world.

What are some of your future plans? Are there any important contributions you'd like to make to the world some day?

I want to build lasting structures in crypto and AI. I see decentralization and automation as the future, and I’d rather be aligned with that than against that. I’d also like to keep writing fiction books. Metaphor can sometimes cut through the social blinders of filter bubbles that straightforward accounts cannot. 

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Overall, just fuckin’ do it. Whatever “doing it” means to you. Because then, if you fail, you can sigh and look back at having tried rather than being bitter at the world for never going about it at all.


More specifically, though. I see money as energy. Often we want a safety net beneath us to feel comfortable to play in the world a bit. So if the direction of “doing it” isn’t available to you yet, look for reasonably high-paying jobs to build up capital in the meantime. I don’t hear many people saying this, but I think that if jumping headfirst isn’t aligning yet, focus on accumulating capital in the meantime. I honestly think crypto is one of the best industries to consider for this, in multiple areas, but do your own research on this, as with everything. 

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