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On "Doing Better".

can people change?⁣

i believe vertically, yes, all the time.⁣

people adjust... but in the same column that they've always existed in.⁣

horizontal change - which defies cultural boxes, egoic attachments, & self-imposed limits - can be rarer to come by.⁣


like many, i've taken this... (week? idk what time is anymore) to consider what it means to "do better" as someone with privilege. what it means to "do better", not founded upon guilt, or performativity, or vain purity, but upon horizontal change to lead a legacy of greater value.⁣


often, that horizontal change is never reached because we fear truly examining ourselves in a way that would prompt us to exit boxes of habit.⁣

it's easy to "perform better" in the vertical sense of self that we're comfortable in. ⁣

the true test of growth through change is to "do better" horizontally, by sitting with the discomfort of that pressure, & instead of judging ourselves for not taking action, understanding that each moment of fear is a dare to take opposite action instead.⁣


"to improve is to change, to perfect is to change often" is one of my most favorite quotes. ⁣

surrounded by astrology my whole life, change has been the largest constant.⁣

so as someone who stands with you in changing the systems of injustice from the inside out, starting with calling myself out where i'm corrupted, i prompt you to invite the horizontal change right now - not just the vertical.⁣

you can still "stay in your own lane" as you grow. but perhaps you have multiple lanes of courage that no one's there to claim but you.⁣


let's stop playing small. it's not a personal choice anymore - it's a disgrace to everyone. ⁣

take up space. play big. play for those who haven't woken up to their capacity for radical change like you are.⁣

☆ ⁣

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