Rationality is Irrational (Astrology + More)

whenever i tell people i am studying to become a professional astrologer, i am often met with confusion. not necessarily doubt in my interest or judgment for such a choice, but rather a skepticism as to why i'm so interested in pursuing a career in something so... strange. yes, it is weird and strange and taboo and irrational, but to solely base your opinion on whether or not something is considered rational is irrational on a much larger scale. i shall explain. 

for something to be accepted as logical consensus, it must have first begin as the seedling of thought in one (or more than one) person's mind. it then slowly brows into the beliefs of others until it becomes so accepted that it is difficult to imagine not considering such a thought as fact. this is why laws are not groundbreaking but rather an after-the-fact stamp of reaffirmation. something can't be codified before it exists as an abstract thought first. 

i use the metaphor of law because it is a clear example of how consensus is to be taken lightly, and with tablespoons, not grains, of salt. to become a powerful creator is to take ideas that are not yet codified and to manifest them into a society as reality. innovation begins outside of the established system.

astrology, according to many, appears to be irrational. it defies the notions of fate, free will, and isolation of personal identity from a greater whole. however, just like how i don't understand how electricity works yet i acknowledge that it does, there is absolutely no way to deny that astrology is a powerful force in recognizing the patterns taking place in individual and collective lives. 

side note: when i say astrology, i am NOT referring to a sun-sign column in a magazine like Cosmo. those weren't even really introduced until the 1950's. i'm referring to the ancient tradition founded in Mesopotamia around the second millennia B.C.E. which was later highly developed by the Greek and Indian civilizations. this tradition involves a mixture of astronomy, psychology, and geometry to interpret the nature of the universe and its manifestation as our reality. 

so, when people argue that astrology is invalid due to its vagueness and therefore its ability to apply to anyone, i disregard these statements as they do not understand the concept of astrology as a whole. using myself as an example, i can pinpoint that (if this astro-babble doesn't make sense, don't worry for now) having an eighth-house stellium of planets with my sun as the eighth-house ruler puts a huge emphasis of my life onto themes associated with that house: death, the occult, the hidden, the taboo, even other people's finances (this might appear later in my life). i can also note how transiting Pluto crossing over the exact point of my ascendant these past two years (i'm in the thick of it right now) has completely destroyed the identity i once held. the ascendant is where the personality enters the world, and the planet of destruction and rebirth is hitting it for me. knowing me personally, or even just taking a look through my damn instagram honestly, is strong, strong evidence to attest to this. 

in this way, i make the argument that rationale is a time-based construct only implicit upon a societal majority. quantum physics shows how at the atomic level, a broken particle will move when a non-connected particle moves as well. i'm totally fucking butchering the science behind it, but my point is that most people do not know this concept to be accepted science, and therefore view it as irrational. rationality isn't reality, it's a term to reflect consensus. this consensus may be based on access to information in the first place, or it may be inhibited by widespread social fear of the implications associated with openly holding such a belief, but nonetheless: to be rational is to be delayed. jump into the irrational, the unexplainable, the scary. nothing can be created unless you do. 

so yes, while i have an academic background, i believe in synchronicity and omens and all that shit because i have come to hold a humble view of reality. i am human. i do not pretend to understand anything outside of the human existence. the universe? the "meaning" of life (side note: i think meaning is a human mechanism, if life is beyond the human realm, i don't see how its mechanism would exist on the basis of meaning)? i accept that i do not have the ability to make definite claims on these things, and so i simply trust what i interpret as significant in my own world. 

therefore, i do not understand astrology. but we can hear the radio waves of Jupiter here on Earth, and the Moon affects the ocean's tides and even women's menstrual cycles, so simply stating that we aren't connected to greater forces is unfounded. 

astrology offers insight into greater mechanisms. its patterns provide information, and with that power, yet the power is founded in the humility of realizing our interconnectivity. the fact that the way Saturn is moving right now is affecting how i'm feeling is considered irrational by the many, yet there's no doubt that it is happening. so i'm not living my life based on what is rational right now but rather based upon a spirit of curiosity that leads me to impact and create the new rational. i'd rather be irrational than not.