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☥ Spirituality and Politics: They Aren't Opposing Forces. ☥⁠ ⁠

perhaps i've always "brought politics & religion to the dinner table" throughout my life, so to speak. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

but in a time where action is crucial & inaction is still sometimes put on a pedestal in spiritual circles, i felt it important to elaborate on.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

☥⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

the propagation of "remaining neutral" i've seen during this time from spiritual figures is confusing. i'm not one to start drama - i just remain dramatic in my own right - however, this theme is strange to me.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

to "remain neutral" during a time of the scales being inhumanely tipped in one party's powerful favor is to align with the oppressor. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣ to remain complacent when response is needed (responsibility is literally the ability to respond) is to martyr yourself on behalf of the aggressor.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

☥⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

"ahimsa" (nonviolence) in no way implies inaction. it necessitates compassion towards all living things. expressing compassion is active, it is often brave, & in the eyes of those paralyzed by self-consciousness, it is radical.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

claiming that atrocity is the "deep state's effort to divide us" without making any horizontal changes in your own life (re: my last post) is often a cop-out from holding yourself morally responsible for your own complacency.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

☥⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

to suppress the ego is to allow it to dominate you in the same way as obsessing over the ego. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣ the Mars in Aries transit that colors the rest of 2020 demands conscious heroism. not a savior, not a martyr, but direct, moment-to-moment courage. often, courage looks like a micro-decision. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

☥⁠⁣ ⁠⁣

i'm holding myself to a new standard of taking action.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣ and i still don't "fight against" anything. i "LIVE FOR". & moving forward, i'm expanding my idea of who & what i live for, & why.⁠⁣ ⁠⁣


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