♡ The Astrology Of May 2020 In One Word: Emo (Really) ♡

let me explain. *clears throat*

we start with a lil (big) Mercury-Uranus conjunction, quickly followed by the Mercury-Sun conjunction (cazimi) in Taurus, indicating downloads of surprising insight around personal power.

at the same time, Venus in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces, confusing the shit out of what we value.

is it clarity of social dynamics?

is it losing oneself in the moment?

even the choice whether or not to self-delude can seem too nuanced for thought. likely, the upcoming Venus Retrograde will have to do with these themes.

then on 5/7, the Full Moon in Scorpio is trigger-central, with the trademark emotional volatility of having the Moon in its fall. having everything bubble over can be healing if we ride it out instead of try to contain the eruption.

Mercury has a dance with Jupiter & Pluto empowering it to speak its empowered mind, but a square from Saturn quickly has us rethinking self-confidence.

imposter syndrome rings even truer as Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde on 5/11, preparing for re-entry into its other home of Capricorn. i clearly expect this to correlate with some lifting of social distancing restrictions.

Mercury then enters Gemini to trine Saturn, indicating harmony with the reconsideration of limits, as Mars enters a new sign of Pisces (5/12-13). the next weeks will be accompanied by a sense of spiritual warriorship, so commit to the path without committing to martyrdom.

Venus will station retrograde on 5/13, followed the next day by Jupiter. with both benefics inverting, we're reconsidering both social & ideological trends.

what relationship dynamics are truly aligned given the world climate?

what foundations in our lives need to be analyzed for inefficiency?

expect a Spring of disenchantment, stubborn indecision, & breakthroughs of releasing density. you're allowed to be emo.

check out my May forecast video here.

♡ ♡ ♡