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The Guide to New Moon Intention-Setting

the new moon begins the lunar cycle every 28 days. it’s the beginning of a new cycle and a time for planting seeds that will come to fruition 6 months later when the full moon culminates in that sign. it’s important to know which astrological house each month’s new moon falls in for you in your personal chart, because this demonstrates where the new developments will begin. the sign of the new moon flavors the lunation, and the house it illuminates for you signals specifically how it’s showing up in your life. when a new moon is on its way for you, it is often helpful to write down a list of intentions in a journal to mentally set out on working with these energies as the lunation comes. for example, if a new moon were lighting up your 4th house of home and family, you may write down three projects you would like to begin on in terms of home improvement for the next 6 months. below are concise descriptions of what new moons in each house of our chart demonstrate. use these to inspire you with these lunations and guide you towards tapping into the possibilities in your life. 1st house this is the house of your literal self and identity. a new moon here asks you to rethink who you consider yourself to be and make plans for development or progress, perhaps in how you present yourself in the world physically or literally. 2nd house the 2nd house pertains to finances, livelihood, and possessions, so a new moon in this area of your sky coincides with beginning a plan having to do with material assets. this could mean developing a new financial strategy or changing the way in which you budget for expenses. 3rd house this area of our sky relates to siblings, communication, and short-term travel. seeds are being planted regarding the way in which these areas relate to you. maybe you start on a new writing project or plan on interacting more with your siblings in the 6 months to come. 4th house here in the 4th house we are brought to the bottom of the chart, with the areas most intimate to us, such as our home, family, and ideas of safety. a new moon in the 4th house can relate to starting a development in terms of the property you reside in, or it could demonstrate new beginnings in terms of your relationship to your family. 5th house this house represents children, creativity, romance, and similar lighthearted enjoyments. a new moon here asks for you to plant a seed of expression to fulfill within the next 6 months, such as embarking on a new romance, beginning an artistic project, or making a point to simply have more fun. 6th house this part of the chart stands for day-to-day routine and health matters. new moons here often coincide with new diet or exercise regimes, or they can bring about more focus on following a stricter daily routine. 7th house the 7th house is the house of relationships and partnerships. new moons happening in this sector offer the opportunity to begin anew in this sphere: either signaling the birth of a new one-to-one partnership or, perhaps more abstractly, signaling the planting of mental seeds for relationships in your life. 8th house herein lies a place tied-in with things we share deeply with others: financial assets, joint bank accounts, taxes, and even emotional ties within intimate relationships. a new moon illuminating the 8th house comes with the new beginnings of resources that belong to you and another, or the continuous deepening of existing bonds to come to fruition in half a year. 9th house the 9th house is the sector of philosophy, spirituality, and long-distance travel: aspirations outside of ourselves. new moons here can coincide with the start of pursuing a new degree, making plans to embark on foreign trips, or dabbling in new forms of spiritual practice. 10th house our 10th house relates to our public image, career, and reputation. it’s the most public part of our sky. thus, new moons hitting us here can signal seeds planted in terms of our occupation or how we’re seen in the world which will culminate in 6-months’ -time. 11th house the 11th house relates to friends, groups, and social communities. 11th house new moons can bring about thoughts of joining new personal spheres, starting to put yourself out there more for social engagements, or the beginning of a networking connection in your life. 12th house finally, this house in our sky relates to the subconscious, the hidden, and the things we cannot see. thus, a new moon in the 12th house often relates to quieter beginnings that we may not be aware of at the time, such as starting a meditation practice, writing in a dream journal, or even embarking upon psychotherapy of some kind.

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