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The Moon as Nourishment in Astrology

internally, we require a state of equilibrium in order to function optimally in the external world. it all starts within. if our internal world is out of whack, those foundations are not laid down firmly enough to build upon. the Moon represents this soft aspect of ourselves. 

i have struggled personally with figuring out how to care for myself in an emotional sense, and astrology has been an incredibly useful tool for identifying what is necessary for my internal fulfillment. often being confused about my own identity and needs (Neptune on the Ascendant, hello), seeing a map of the fractal of the universe i am in an astrological chart was like a cheat sheet to figuring all that shit out. that being said, in the way i use astrology, not everything in the chart is a map of the psyche, and instead also incorporates attributes of life that aren't directly about the native in question. for example, certain alignments are indicators about outside circumstances, not character traits, necessarily. however, i do look to the Moon and its placement for insight into emotional processes.

here i will provide a brief overview of what each zodiacal Moon sign generally requires in order to feel safe, nourished, and fulfilled. often when we are uncomfortable or in an environment that gives us "bad vibes" (i never use this phrase but, like, i don't really have a better one here - sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), it's our Moon telling us something's wrong. by familiarizing ourselves with what we require to feel emotionally fed, we can better interact with outside situations. 

in particular, those born at night may resonate more with their Moon sign than Sun sign. however, even day charts can find valuable insights. i also want to note, for those with a greater understanding of astrology, that i do not equate Aries=1st House=Mars etc. so, if you have a Taurus Moon in the 1st House, let's say, I wouldn't go as far to say that both the Aries and Taurus delineations would be useful to you, and I would say the same thing if you have a Moon-Mars aspect. with these, go simply by your Moon sign. as with all generalizations in astrology, any of these descriptions are broad overviews which can be offset by mitigating factors at play. 

if you want more information and guidance with your Moon or anything else astrology-related, head to my readings page. 


with this placement, you require emotional independence and validation in order to feel safe to roam free, feelings-wise. you want to know that someone out there sees and acknowledges how you are feeling on the deepest level. you need to be convinced that your needs are being heard. when you do not feel particularly noticed, you may have a tendency to resort to the extremes of offense and defense. feeling attacked by lack of emotional independence, you may then go on the attack towards others. emotional impulsivity is a low vibrational here, but emotional courage is a notable higher manifestation. understand that observing your emotions is a vital tool here so that you can articulate your needs and feelings to others instead of feeling hurt and thus acting upon a perceived reality that may or not be accurate. 


lunar Taureans want stability, routine, and peace. the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning what the Moon signifies: emotions, day-to-day routine, and our innermost world, is particularly at-home in perhaps the most dependable zodiac sign. if you feel upset, focus on building a firm self-care routine to ground yourself. Taurus Moons do not like their comforts to be altered - they are not necessarily the spontaneous type. making a set plan to incorporate material pleasures into your life - such as baths, teas, and treats - can make all the difference as a Taurus Moon who craves groundedness. watch out for wanting to latch onto stability so much that you become stubborn and shut-down amongst others' lighter, more malleable emotions. tap into your gift of being a rock, a great listener for others, and create a simple foundation of tangible comforts to bring you back into your own. 


in order to please your natal Gemini Moon, you need emotional stimulation, engagement, and lightheartedness. this is an incredibly adaptable lunar placement, with the ability to engage and connect with a variety of people and situations. the trouble arises when lunar Geminis feel stuck in one way or another. the speed of the Gemini mind requires a constant flow of curiosity and exploration, and when this stream is plugged somehow, nervousness and anxiety ensue. if you are feeling unsafe, it's probably because your emotional state is not designed to stagnate, and you have grounded in one particular area. remedies to this involve creative projects where your busy mind can grow and evolve. unlike the Taurus Moon described previously, your safe haven is in the non-defined, fluid space of thought. journaling and especially having a dialogue about your feelings with others keeps your train of thought that is designed to never stop keep trekking along. 


the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon is at home when she is here. lunar Cancerians require affection, reassurance, and protection. this placement is very nostalgic and wants to constantly feel 'at home' in their emotional body, which can lead to the mind trying to hold onto the past in search of safety. lower manifestations of this search for peace can lead to moodiness, where the internal instability manifests literally, and manipulation, where the inability to latch onto feeling turns into trying to control external individuals. however, Cancer moons, in their highest manifestation, are perhaps the best mothers (in a figurative sense) and nurturers of the zodiac. because you are incredibly sensitive and on the constant search for coziness, you are masters of providing solace for others. the key for this sign is to understand your wonderful talent for supporting others and identify with this healing ability instead of constantly trying to grab hold of the past, an ever-fleeting concept. 


lunar Leos are like a little actors starring in their own personal emotional play. because this is the internal world we're talking about, this doesn't necessarily mean you're talkative our outgoing, but Moon-in-Leos definitely need gestures of comfort, heartfelt praise, and comic relief. lunar Leos often feel the need to provide emotional justice and set the environment straight whenever it is out-of-whack. when this doesn't go as planned, and if you end up not feeling like the hero, it can lead to bossiness or pouting. a creative outlet tends to be an incredibly useful and beautiful way for Moon-in-Leos to express in a constructive way. with such a vibrant and vivid emotional world, it is most definitely deserving of getting attention and praise. the lesson here is just learning what the right place and the right time are - and knowing how to be your own cheerleader.


this placement asks for you to feel useful, needed, and at ease within simplicity. having the Moon here leads to quite a busy little internal world, but with a more critical and other-centered eye than the sister Mercurial sign of Gemini. lunar Virgos want to be of emotional service to others. you are great listeners, problem-solvers, and even errand-runners for yourself and others. when this acknowledgement is neglected, however, it can lead to complaining and fussiness. this can be avoided, however, once you streamline your mind into a more minimalist view of what you require to feel safe. doing a million things at once will not be as notable of a feat as doing a few things very well. if you are feeling out of control and projecting it outward, take a look inside and determine what could be narrowed down. you don't have to be the shoulder to cry on and the food delivery guy for every single one of your sad friends. stick to what truly rings beneficial to you, and don't veer too far off that authentic path. 


as a Libra Moon, you are in search of harmony, connection, and harmony. more than any other sign, you as a lunar Libran dislike conflict and will resort to even harmful practices in order to achieve what feels safe. often there is the temptation here to keep possibly difficult-to-hear emotions inside and never speak about them, bottling feelings up and causing internal unrest. because lunar Librans despise fighting on the one-to-one level, this can lead to a nagging internal sense, which then translates into argumentativeness and passive-aggression. the key is to realize that the most harmonious environment, in the long run, may require some turbulence in the moment. unlike a Moon in Aries, your opposite counterpart, the tendency here is not impulsivity but rather overthinking to the point of aversion. don't beat around the bush with what you want or need. present your emotions in a calm, clear manner with others - this is how you will most effectively reach the state of harmony in relationships you so seek, even if it takes courage in the moment. 


lunar Scorpios want honesty, authenticity, and loyalty. because often others do not express their emotions in a completely truthful manner, due to insecurity or fear, intuitive Moon-in-Scorpios may feel hurt or betrayed. also, there is a possibility of absorbing surrounding negative energy in general with this placement. lunar Scorpios have an innate bullshit filter, which can lead to extreme reactions when others are not totally forthcoming with their emotions. though this deceit is often totally impersonal and has nothing to do with you, as a Moon-in-Scorpio, the tendency may be to interpret this as a direct attack and then repurpose this negative energy through manipulation. you must recognize your intuitive gifts and use them wisely, in an observational manner, rather than attaching to every energy you pick up. view it, feel it, then let it go. meditation and creative outlets may be particularly useful to release the build-up of psychic accumulation. 


this is a placement that desires escape, freedom, and new experiences. the lunar Sagittarian is a curious placement, as the safety of the Moon is defined by emotional independence. in order to feel most at home in yourself, you must look to understand that of others. an unhappy, caged Moon-in-Sagitarrius is likely the result of not exploring things outside oneself. the lunar Sagittarian learns about the internal world through the external world. therefore, being a constant student of whatever appeals to your expansive mind is key to keep your Moon happy. the low vibration of this placement can be a rebellious resistance to any deep introspection as a result of never feeling like you've 'gotten somewhere'. however, once your mind has the space to roam free through any subject or interest you desire, your internal world then feels accordingly fulfilled. 


Moon-in-Capricorns require realism, structure, and to be reminded of softness in order to thrive. the Moon here is living in a sign of material accomplishment, and therefore the tendency can be to believe that fulfillment will only be acquired after achieving a certain worldly goal. there is a lot of insecure 'what do i deserve?' going on under the cool, calm, collected surface. skilled at understanding reality, you as a lunar Capricorn need to apply that to the emotions as well. it is not reasonable to wait for a certain goal to feel at peace. deep down, you know that reaching this outside ideal will not provide that feeling: resolving internal insecurity to uncover this peaceful feeling is the key. your internal rigidity can be helped by nurturing self-care practices to remind you of your softer side that is often seen as a shadow side. remember that your external dreams would be better served and better experienced with a firm basis of self-love. when that is established, the rat race for external love is then pointless and let go. 


with a Moon in Aquarius, you are searching for individuality, to be of service, and space to breathe. generally, you are not a gooey Moon-in-Cancer searching to curl up next to someone to feel better. you prefer feeling of service in a collective context and aligning with deeds authentic to yourself to be better comforts. when you feel that you are not being acknowledged as unique or taken seriously, you may become aloof or detached in an effort to protect yourself from being 'dragged down', as you may see it through a Lunar Aquarian point of view. it is important for you to be open enough to 'find your tribe', so to speak, as just because you may have felt alienated early on does not mean it is pointless to search out a loving environment that acknowledges your individuality. instead of the detached protective reflex, realize that instead it is key to open up your heart even more so that your humanitarian, philanthropic nature can be better understood by others. 


lunar Pisceans are in search of self-understanding, healthy boundaries, and transcendence from the mundane in order to feel safe. you may feel as if, for some strange reason, you do not belong in the physical body you inhabit and must focus on the inner workings of others in order to feel comforted. this understanding for the permeability and interconnectedness between all beings can lead to incredible compassion for others, as if eternal love is just an innate ability, but it can lead to being taken advantage of. if you are thrown off of your equilibrium, it often manifests as little cases of martyrdom where you think that going over-the-top with your self-sacrifice may finally get you the recognition and feelings of safety you desire. however, you need to come to terms with the fact that you are the one that defines your own safety. by setting up your own healthy boundaries from picking up others' energies, letting people walk all over you, and being everyone's shoulder to cry on, you can then fully experience this universe as the One you already understand it is because you accept yourself as an individual fractal. 

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