Join Maren's First Retreat.

Spend four days in beautiful Playa Troncones, Mexico focused on transforming mindsets around abundance, wealth, and self-worth. 

This retreat is the first of its kind and intended for those looking for practical takeaways. Astrology lessons from Maren will be a main focus, with guests brought in to facilitate other useful tools, such as personal branding and hermeticism.

Activities and talks will center around strategies in crypto and personal finance as well as more esoteric discussions around personal development.

Activities will include beach time, yoga, spa days, and more. 



What is this retreat?

This retreat is an opportunity to create energy that promotes wealth, well-being, abundance, and self-worth.

When is it?
The retreat is June 26th to 29th, 2022.

When should we arrive?

The arrival window for the retreat itself is 3-6pm on the 26th. 

Where is the retreat?

It will be at Villa Milagro in Playa Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico. 

How do we get to Villa Milagro?
The closest airport is the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico Airport (ZIH), only a short drive away from the villa. 

There are major flights from many US cities to ZIH, however, a connection through Mexico City Airport (MEX) may be needed for some. 

Please plan to arrive to Villa Milagro the afternoon (3-6pm local time) on June 26th. Guests may want to arrive a few days early and remain in the area until the retreat begins, or arrive the start date of the 26th.

Where can we stay for the retreat?

The retreat will be hosted at Villa Milagro in Troncones Beach, La Unión de Isidoro Montes de Oca, Guerrero, Mexico. 

There are 6 bedrooms available, housing 13 beds, with the option to share double beds if desired. 

Bedrooms range from triple occupancy with single beds to single occupancy with king beds. Please see the room breakdowns below for clarification!

To share a king or double bed with someone, please DM me on Instagram. 

What off-site housing is available?

If demand warrants it, we will open registration-only ticketing, with no housing included. There are many nice and affordable hotels nearby, if the situation arises where we do open registration-only ticketing. 

What is the weather and overall vibe of the area?

It's hot, but not too hot! Temperatures will range from 70-90ºF during our visit. 

Villa Milagro is casual and beachy.

What is the recommended apparel?

Daily comfortable clothing to move and lounge in is recommended. Bring swimsuits!


1-2 nice outfits for dinners or general photos is also advised.

What is included in the retreat?

2 vegan meals a day at Villa Milagro (lunch and dinner) and talks with me (Maren) and guest speakers are included. 

On-site housing also includes added amenities, fitness activities, spa services, and personalized gifts.

What kinds of talks will you be giving?

I will be teaching basic astrology, financial astrology, wealth tools and mindsets, and other practical skills that involve esoteric subjects and how to implement them in our daily lives for personal development. 


My guest speakers are Shooka Scharm to offer astrology consutations, Mila from Sharmila Media, who will be speaking about personal branding using astrology, and Saida from Regulus Apothecary, who will be helping facilitate and speak on hermeticism.

You can contact either through their Instagram to inquire about their personal one-on-one sessions as well.

What kinds of activities will there be?

We will be finalizing activities leading up to the retreat, but will include spa services, yoga sessions, and beach/nature time.  

Will astrology consultations be included?

Maren will be offering 3 in-person consultations to be purchased alongside ticket registration.


Shooka Scharm, a graduate of Maren's course and a fellow Hellenistic astrologer, will be offering 6 consultations as well. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Attendees have 14 days upon date of purchase to request a refund. This is a hard deadline given the nature of reserving this property. 


What travel requirements are in place?

Each guest is responsible for complying with all visa requirements, if any, as well as health and safety requirements to enter Mexico.

How will the group receive news and communication?

All attendees and staff will be added to a Telegram group to keep in touch throughout the retreat.

What is your intention for this retreat, Maren?

I have experienced firsthand the kind of magic that occurs in retreat settings when everyone’s energy is focused towards a shared goal. 


My intention for the shared goal of this retreat is addressing the framework of reality in front of us, whether that is astrology or literal obstacles in our lives, and learning to work alongside that framework to invite in the most abundance and growth possible. We can use practical tools to do this, and my aim is to offer literal, implementable takeaways for everyone.

Bedroom Breakdown 
More Details


Casa Grande  
Ocean View
Open Air

One Twin Bed
One Twin Bed
One Twin Sofa Bed

Sleeps 3

Sunset Suite
Ocean View
Open Air

One Twin Bed
One Twin Bed
One Lounge Bed

One Lounge Bed

Sleeps 4

Sunrise Suite
Ocean View
Open Air

One Twin Bed
One Twin Bed
One Lounge Bed
One Lounge Bed 

Sleeps 4

Pacific Suite
Ocean View
Air Conditioned
Shared Balcony w/Ocean Suite

One King Bed

Sleeps 1-2

Ocean Suite
Ocean View
Air Conditioned

Shared Balcony w/Pacific Suite

One King Bed

Sleeps 1-2

Garden Suite
Ocean View
Air Conditioned

One Double Bed

Sleeps 1-2


​All on-site bedrooms are sold out, and only off-site registration is available now!

This includes all activities and meals but no housing. 

Off-Site Registration: $999

To book or join on-site waitlist, DM me @marenaltman on Instagram. 

  • Casa Grande Twin Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1899

  • Casa Grande Sofa Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1599

  • Sunset Suite Twin Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1899

  • Sunset Suite Lounge Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1599

  • Sunrise Suite Twin Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1899

  • Sunrise Suite Lounge Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $1599

  • Pacific Suite King Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $2399

  • Ocean Suite King Bed Registration (SOLD OUT): $2399

  • Garden Suite Double Bed Registration (SOLD OUT) : $2099

Extra add-on's:

  • In-person consultation with Maren: $600 (limited availability)

  • In-person consultation with Shooka Scharm (student of Maren): $300

Payment accepted through USD (Venmo or PayPal) or crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC).