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I've seen hundreds of clients throughout my practice and have synthesized my interpersonal experience with my academic background to offer my astrological knowledge to the world.


Check out what my clients say:

"Maren is unquestionably devoted to the science and art of astrology, as demonstrated in her high-level technical acumen and the focus she brings to both study and practice. She brings clarity and precision to her use of timing techniques and natal analysis, and her readings are enhanced by her innate wisdom."

- Diana Rose

"Maren was super amazing! Helped me understand parts of astrology I had no clue about or found complicated; she also helped me to learn some misconceptions about placements that I generally had heard about. A very fun and informative experience that helps me to further explore and invest in myself. Very eloquent and knowledgeable!

Going in I was not sure what to expect as I wanted to go in to the reading with a clear and open mind. Maren lead me through parts of my life that had a lot of "AHA!" moments and answered some questions about myself. If you are questioning authenticity, she was able to see parts of my past that were exact to a T in the year and what had happened with my family. Talking with Maren is very comfortable, she is very engaging and knowledgeable in her passion. I am very grateful I found her online and had the opportunity to have a reading with her. Thank you Maren!


Maren really knows what she is doing. She has a ton of insights and really understands what she is doing. She answered all of my questions, was patient, listened well. She illuminated some really important details about my personality that will help me in my future. I'm super grateful and impressed with the reading. Maren puts her soul into her work. I would go to her again in a heartbeat.


Maren, was thorough and detailed in her astrological report, lots of good info! Later, I listened to the digital copy of our session, and gained more insight and connection to Maren’s findings. Thanks again!

Maren, was thorough and detailed in her astrological report, lots of good info! Later, I listened to the digital copy of our session, and gained more insight and connection to Maren’s findings. Thanks again!

Thank you SO much for this reading, it meant the entire Universe to me. I really needed the stars to confirm some things for me and I finally have that confirmation. Highly recommend this experience to anyone! Maren was excellent.

I had such a wonderful session with Maren. She was passionate, knowledgeable, and receptive to my own questions/ perspectives. I felt comfortable sharing and also felt very heard when I did so, which was really important to me because this work does have a very real level of personal validation through our own life/experiences. I also felt that I had a connection with Maren on a personal level which always makes these sessions more enjoyable. Safe to say I think I may have found a new astrologer for life! Thank you for your time and energy, Maren <3

- Faren S.

I had a great reading with Maren! She was able to affirm some decisions I have been considering using my chart. Much of what she found deeply resonated with my life. It was a very interesting and positive experience and I really value the information I was given from her. It was extremely helpful being at a cross roads and unsure of what to do next—the answer is in your chart, and Maren will find it for you. Love, TH

I highly recommend Maren Altman for any astrological readings you may want done. I discovered her on Tik Tok because of her celebrities readings mixed with other astrology based videos that enticed me to book a session to learn more about myself. Her accuracy is unmatched, plus she is great at communicating not only what she believes you need to know, but specific spots on your chart you may question. Many of my personality traits mentioned we're spot on. She even mentioned changes throughout my life which did occur. However, for me, the "chilling" part was that she was able to mention things about my friends and family around me, along with my underlying health issues, and how they influence my life all of which were 100% truth. I spoke to my mom after the reading, who herself was in shock she was able to mention certain things. On top of that, I learned a lot about the planets alignments shifting and what that means for me based on my chart. Maren explains everything very clearly and is very welcoming to any questions you may have (during and after the reading). If I had to sum up my experience into to words, they would be: Educational and Thrilling! Thank you Maren, for such a wonderful experience.

- S.A.

Maren is an incredibly talented astrologer! The accuracy from reading my chart and matching to the life events and desires I have is mind-blowing. She is very thorough and informative with her explanations. I really enjoyed my reading and will recommend her to anyone!

Maren is absolutely genius! She was very willing to be flexible and tailor the reading to what I was hoping to take away. Things were explained in great detail and delivered in a way that facilitated my own learning. I would highly, highly recommend that you do this for yourself!

Maren helped me rediscover parts of myself I had been missing, and showed some interesting factors both within myself and in the world that have contributed to my life path. She is professional and conversational in her approach, which helped a newcomer like me feel both comfortable and empowered.

The validity of astrological study and Maren's experience within it was made apparent during our reading of my birth chart. She was able to intuit several of the defining characteristics and experiences of my life, and gave intriguing insights about my future. Speak with Maren for clarifications of your past experiences and insights into your ongoing destiny."

- Adam Prezio, Singer-Songwriter at Advosary

"Last week I had a birth chart reading done by Maren Altman, and I'm still in shock at how profound the experience was. As a yogi I'm pretty open minded, but astrology had always been a stretch even for me. After meeting Maren however, and hearing her explanations of how astrology actually works, I realized I'd completely misunderstood astrology and hadn't given it a fair chance. I decided to let Maren do my first reading. (Doesn't hurt that her fees are a bargain compared to the usual rates. Trust me, I checked).

And what a reading. Maren knows almost nothing about my personal life, yet she was accurate with just about everything: my relationships with my family, my financial situation, key incidents in my life, and internal dynamics I've struggled with for decades. She also provided me with tons of guidance about my future, some of it surprisingly specific. The insights that came out of that session have seriously resolved so much for me, and that's why I highly recommend her to all of you!”

Maren provided a truly insightful and thorough reading. She is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly explained every component of my chart we discussed. Honestly, I was not sure what exactly to expect from a natal reading but I was blown away with the amount of significant information I received. The reading provided many details and insights that I’m sure will serve me in many areas of life. Again, Maren’s delivery is amazing and made everything understandable. I highly recommend having a reading with Maren!


This was such an incredible experience and everything Maren said was spot on. Her reading provided so much insight and introspection to help look back as well as guide my life - hope to do another reading again! Thanks again

- Nina F.

I didn't know exactly what to expect when I made an appointment for a $200 astrology reading, but I was not disappointed. Maren is an expert in her field and it shows. Her breakdown of my natal chart was thorough, insightful and easy to understand (even for an astrology beginner like myself). In a way, her style blends astrology with therapy. She asked me thoughtful questions to ensure that I got everything I was looking for from the session. I left the meeting so excited to watch the future unfold. I would definitely recommend Maren to anyone who is curious about astrology or even just seeking clarity in their life. The quality of her work is so satisfying! Chef's kiss! 10/10

Loved sitting with Maren and gaining a better understanding of my birth chart. She is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly.

My astrological chart reading really helped me with what direction I'm going in with my career. It reflected the connection with being able to make a career out of pursuing my purpose as well as tying in my passion for creative expression. I really needed the confidence boost and reassurance that my dreams are in alignment with my destiny. Maren is just as kind as she is knowledgeable. She goes into incredible depth with your chart reading, and was able to understand and answer all of my chart questions!

My reading with Maren was transcendent! Not only is Maren warm and kind, she does an outstanding job explaining the aspects of your chart and the planets mean in certain positions as they relate to you. My cursory knowledge of astrology was enhanced by listening to her explanations. Maren goes into great depth about your chart and the journey of your life (including peak periods by date). As much as I appreciated the reading, I enjoyed the conversation as well. I recommend everyone does themselves a favor and sits down with this cosmic queen.

Sarah Y.

Maren was not only timely, engaged and impressively knowledgeable, but she made me feel comfortable during my reading. I enjoyed her ability to pick out different aspects of my birth chart and explain them in a way I could easily understand and ask questions about. The materials I received after the reading were high quality and will give me a second chance to absorb even more. I recommend her highly.

Maren provided me a very thorough birth chart reading and asked questions that were strangely in line with things that I have experienced in my life, it was all strangely coincidental. Based on her professionalism and the very telling wealth of knowledge that she possesses in this area, I trust her judgments and interpretations of my birth chart. I would recommend her services to anyone who has the money to invest in them, and for anyone who has an interest in birth chart readings. Some interpretations were similar to a Vedic astrology reading that I had, and that further solidified both readings for me.