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Astrology Basics Workbook

A Prisoner

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Cosmic Chef

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Astro Basics Workbook

Your FREE entry into the language of the stars, grab your interactive workbook and deepen your understanding of:

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Cosmic Chef

Over 80 pages of whole-foods plant-based recipes inspired by the planets of astrology! Comes with an introduction to both veganism and astrology along with detailed recipes and vivid photographs.


A Prisoner of Memory

Growing up amidst alcoholism and knowing firsthand of its dire consequences, Val relives her family horrors even as she moves away for college. Having an up-and-coming career as a talented filmmaker, Val is bursting with creative energy, but not all of that is helpful for her already-unstable mental health. While studying at college, Val begins a close relationship with her therapist, Dr. Ellis, along with a best friend, Di, and even a romantic interest, Jett. However, constantly reliving the traumas of her past, including her mother's alcohol-fueled abuse and her brother's childhood death, keeps her from seeing her reality as it is. As Val learns to navigate the power of her mind instead of letting it whirl her around, she must question the reliability of beliefs she has always known to be true. "A Prisoner of Memory" asks us all to rethink our subconscious patterning, our belief systems carried through from childhood, and the identity we cling to in order to survive. "A Prisoner of Memory" is Maren Altman's debut novel.


Set in turn-of-the-millenium London, aspiring photographer Ken is introduced to heroin and quickly falls victim to its lure. His childhood crush and idol, Laura, experiences a fall from her life of privilege and also ends up on the skag. Their uniting interest quickly moves them in together, and she becomes his muse, as he obsessively captures her rapid decline. Ken ends up entering an image of her into a local newspaper photography contest in hopes of winning a cash reward.However, their intense, obsessive romance cannot withstand heroin’s grip on each of them. Between Laura’s suspicious promiscuity and Ken’s delusional attachment to who she once was, the relationship explodes. Ken refuses to give into losing a muse he never even had in the first place, and the novel ends in a dramatic surprise.This psychological thriller is gritty, poetic, and visceral, with the edge of Trainspotting and intoxicating intimacy in the style of Gabriel García Márquez. It's sure to leave you wondering: what is true inspiration? Are creations separate from their creator? And who, if anyone, can truly own art?


Monthly Moon Workbook

This workbook will help you work alongside the Full Moon and New Moon.

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